18 March 2024

Anne Zaayer new trainer of Belgian Youth Drivers

The Dutch pair driver Anne Zaayer was recently appointed as trainer of the Belgian Youth Drivers. She will therefore guide them in preparation for, and during the European Youth Driving Championships this year in Flyinge, Sweden.

The first training is now over. “Anne fits in very well with the youth drivers and will embark on a personalized guidance process with each of them. At previous championships, several trainers were involved with our youth in the run-up to the European Championships,” says Chef d’equipe Sarah Gooris.

“We wanted the same trainer to follow and guide them in the months beforehand, and to also coach them at the European Championships themselves. We found that with Anne and we are very happy with that. She looks closely at the drivers and the horses, and then works with them to identify areas for improvement. Super fun to see and follow!”

The European Youth Driving Championships in Flyinge (SWE) is on the calendar from July 22nd through the 28th 2024. The selected drivers will be announced approximately one month before the championships. Hoefnet will communicate about this in due course.

Click her for more information of the European Youth Driving Championships in Flyinge 2024

Anne Zaayer
Photo: Krisztina Horváth

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