28 June 2019

Beekbergen 2019: Warm weather for the competition

The weather forcast promises that tomorrow will be a very warm day. The show will go on, but with a number of alterations to make everything safe for both the drivers and the horses.


If you are coming to the show to watch: use sunscreen, make sure your head is covered and bring a bottle of water with you. Make sure to stand in the shade every now and again. There are a number of refreshments available on the show grounds. If you are bringing your dog with you please don’t leave them in the car and make sure that they have enough to drink.


Photo: Wilco van Driessen


The horses are our ultimate priority. There is continuous contact with veterinarians and extra veterinarians have been asked to assist at the competition all with the goal of improving the horses well being. There have been some alterations to the marathon tomorrow; both section A and B have been shortened and many of the paths are covered in shade. Drivers have been given more time to finish the course so that the horses don’t need to be pushed.

Extra cooling stations have been set up with water and ice as wel as a ‘cooling lane’ where the horses walk under fans that cool them with water. This system is often used at large international events such as the Olympic games. Despite the high temperatures the humidity is relatively low which means that the horses won’t have as much problem with the heat as you would think.

We are looking forward to a beautiful and animal-friendly competition and will along with the veterinarians keep an eye on the well being of the horses at all times.


Bron: www.caibeekbergen.nl

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