18 July 2015

Beekbergen: Marathon separates the wheat from the chaff

All horses and drivers were put to the test today in Beekbergen as they drove the seven obstacle marathon designed by German O-course designer Dr. Hartmut Kaufmann. The breezy 22 degree weather was perfect for the drivers, horses and the large number of spectators today at the Riant Equestrian Centre.

Martin Hölle excelled today in the single ponies. After dressage and marathon he extended his lead to 15.7 points in front his American adversary Tracey Morgan, and the Netherlands Tamara Pijl and Yvonne de Ruyter. After a strong showing last weekend in Minden, Great Britains Roger Campbell started his second pair of ponies in Beekbergen. Campbell won the marathon, taking over the lead from Rodinde Rutjens. Henny Tadema currently stands in third place. In the Para Equestrian division, Ingmar Veneman took the lead after winning the marathon. She now holds a 6 point over Francisca den Elzen and Dinja Steenkamp. The results of the perspective drivers completely shuffled with Melanie van de Bunt now in first, Stefan van der Meijden second and Milou Huisman third. 

After driving a strong dressage, Marco Freund blazed through the marathon with fast times in all of the obstacles. Winning the marathon he now takes over the lead in the pair horses. His countryman Sandro Koalick follows in second place and Irelands Barry Capstick is currently in third. Dressage winner Claudio Fumagalli fell to 12th place after the marathon.

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