5 May 2024

Boyd Exell and The Dutch team at the top in Windsor

In keeping with tradition, the Dutch Four-in-Hand drivers won the Nations Cup at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Great Britain. The team, consisting of IJsbrand Chardon, Koos de Ronde and Edwin van der Graaf, referred Germany and Belgium to second and third place. With his second place, Koos de Ronde was the highest placed Dutchman in the individual rankings behind winner Boyd Exell. Michael
Hodgson won the single horse class.

After the dressage, the Dutch team was in second place behind Germany. Due to the excellent second and third place of Koos de Ronde and IJsbrand Chardon in the marathon, the Four-in-Hand drivers of TeamNL exchanged places with their colleagues from Germany after two parts. The Dutch National drivers of coach Ad Aarts further expanded their lead in cones, after which, just like last year, they entered the main ring as winners for the ceremony.

Ad Aarts was of course satisfied with his team’s victory. “Both Koos and IJsbrand drove with a different team, so they were still searching a bit, but they still finished second and third. As far as I’m concerned, we are well on schedule for the World Cup.”

The single driving horse class was won by Michael Hodgson (GBR). He managed to hold on to his first place after the dressage and marathon, despite his two dropped balls. Frank Campbell (GBR) and Tara Wilkinson (GBR) complete the podium.

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Source: KNHS

Boyd Exell is de individuele winnaar
Photo: Swingletree Photography