5 July 2024

Boyd Exell wins Top Score Competition

Before the Four-in-Hand drivers compete in the marathon tomorrow, they drove the Top Score Competition in Aachen this morning. This requires absolute precision and mathematical skills! Boyd Exell took home the victory, followed by Bram Chardon and Jérôme Voutaz.

There is no fixed order in which the gates must be driven in the Top Score Competition. Drivers can therefore choose their own route. They must collect as many points as possible within a maximum of three minutes. Each gate has its own value of points depending on the difficulty level. In addition, each gate can be driven a maximum of twice.

The one who scored the most points today was Boyd Exell. With his team consisting of Celviro, Checkmate, Hero and Ivor, he was the only one to collect 1,900 points. So it didn’t matter that he didn’t cross the finish line fastest, because time is only decisive in the event of a draw. Second place went to Bram Chardon with a score of 1,840 points. The Swiss Jérôme Voutaz came third (1,820 points).

Click here for the course of the Top Score Competition and the results

Source: CHIO Aachen

Photo: Sonja Scharf