27 July 2023

CAIO Beekbergen 2023: Two horses not ‘fit to compete’

It was busy with horses on the competition grounds of CAI Beekbergen Wednesday afternoon. Two inspection lanes had been laid down because about 300 horses had to be inspected.

Only two horses turned out to be ‘not fit to compete’. They belong to pair driver Ugo Cei (Italy) and four-in-hand- driver Mark Carruthers (Great Britain). Both competitors can still compete because they have a spare horse.

This evening the competition was officially opened bij Mieke van Tergouw and TD Vilmos Jambor, with a drink for all competitors in the big tent. The competition starts Thursday. From 8.30 to 17.30 the pairs drive their dressage test in the main arena. At the end of the first day of the competition, everyone is welcome at the foam party at Gastro Bar Riant.

The dressage for the Four-in-Hand and the para drivers is scheduled for Friday. The Dutch competitors will battle for the National Championships. Also the dressage of the VIP-drivers is scheduled for Friday.

Click here for the starting orders and live results

Horse Inspection Beekbergen
Photo: Wilco van Driessen