5 March 2024

CAI Kronenberg 2024 welcomes Youth Drivers

The OC of the annual CAI2* and 3* competition in Kronenberg (NED) from 17 to 21 April at the Peelbergen Equestrian Centre is happy to welcome the future of the Driving sport at the event. The competition is open for ponies and horses 2* and 3*, as well as 3* World Cup Qualification for Horse Teams. For the first time in Kronenberg, also the Youth Drivers are welcome to enter, in preparation for the FEI Driving European Championships in Flyinge (SWE) later in July this year.

The successful event in Kronenberg last year welcomed nearly 200 Drivers and received a lot of positive feedback from the drivers about the set up of the event. A change for this year will be that the Horse Teams will drive dressage on grass in 100×40 arena. All other categories, as in 2023 will drive dressage in the sand arenas in front of the main indoor building. The obstacles of the previous events and World Championships will be used at the marathon with the 2* categories driving 6 and the 3* categories driving 7 obstacles at the Grandorse facility. A great line-up of FEI Officials will help conduct the event.

The horse inspection will take place on Wednesday, followed by the dressage on Thursday and Friday. The marathon and cones will be run on both Saturday and Sunday for the respective categories as mentioned in the FEI schedule. The entry deadline in 20 March.

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Photo: Amy Mundell