4 March 2021

CAI3* Kronenberg moves to May and adds 2* divisions

The Royal Windsor Horse show recently announced that they would be moving the date of their competition from 13-16 May to the beginning of July, freeing up a date on the calendar this year. The organization of Horse Driving Kronenberg will be taking advantage of this vacancy and move their international competition to 13-16 May.

“At the moment we can’t guarantee that the Covid-19 restrictions will be eased enough to let the competition go forward in April,” tells chairman Peter Goumans. “By moving the competition to May there is a much greater chance that the competition will be able to take place. The national competition in Kronenberg was already planned to take place from 14-16 May so it will be quite easy to add the international competition. In addition to the 3* divisions we have decided to add 2* divisions as well, giving new drivers the chance for promotion and qualification.”

The organization is looking forward to welcoming both national and international drivers to Kronenberg. In 2020 both the international, national and World Championships for Four-in-hand horses had to be cancelled due to Covid-19: “We are really excited to organize this competition and put the finishing touches on in preparation for the World Championships for Pair horses that will be held 8-12 September in Kronenberg,” adds Goumans.