4 July 2024

CAIO Aachen: Chester Weber wins the dressage

Chester Weber won the dressage in Aachen today. With an impressive score of 35.59, he managed to stay ahead of competitor Boyd Exell by more than three penalty points.

Chester Weber was overwhelmed by his success. He was at a loss for words afterwards, and because of his super enthusiastic fans as he left the ring, he didn’t get the chance to say anything. Boyd Exell was also very happy with his horses, but felt that he himself had left some points behind. Mareike Harm was unlucky – or lucky – that her horses were very active today. As a result, the walk was less relaxed then the judges would have liked to see in the dressage test. She is in third place in the interim rankings with a score of 40.99. The best Dutch result today was for Bram Chardon with 46.45 penalty points.

Chester Weber today
Photo: Sonja Scharf

Nations Cup

Nevertheless, with her third place, Mareike Harm managed to lay a good foundation for the German team in the Nations Cup, which is now in the lead. The Germans, Michael Brauchle and Georg von Stein, now have 91.10 penalty points ahead of Australia (94.630) and the Netherlands (95.830). The Dutch have won the Nations Cup every year since 2007. So it will be exciting in the coming days!

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Mareike Harm today
Photo: Sonja Scharf

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