9 September 2023

CAIO Baborówko 2023: Marathon victories for Jacob and Jérôme

USA’s Jacob Arnold and Switzerland’s Jérôme Voutaz were victorious in today’s exciting marathon at the Baborówko Driving Show in Poland.

Horse Fours

German level 4 Course Designer Josef Middendorf was responsible for the marathon with eight challenging obstacles. Leader after the dressage Boyd Exell lost some 20 valuable seconds in the first obstacle when his leader horses ended up each at one side of a post, but Boyd was able to continue and finished in 9th place today. Christoph Sandmann has taken over the lead in the standings, but the difference between the two world class drivers is only 0,19 points, which guarantees an exciting cones competition tomorrow. Daniel Schneiders has moved up to the third place, closely followed by Voutaz and Zoltán Lázár. Anything can happen tomorrow as the differences in the top eight are all very small.

Germany has taken over the lead in the Nations Cup, followed by Australia and Hungary.

Photo: M&R Photo

Horse pairs

USA’s Jacob Arnold won the marathon with an advantage of over three points to member of the German team and former World Pair Champion Carola Slater-Diener: “I was really pleased with my marathon. My tactic was to go in and try not to make any big mistakes. Just have a good flowing. It was a nice round,” says Jacob. Jaroslav Juran from the Czech Republic finished on the third place, ahead of Sandro Koalick and the best Polish pair driver at this moment, Weronika Kwiatek.

Jacob has taken over the lead in the horse pairs class and is now followed by Germany’s Lars Schwitte and Carola Slater-Diener. Dressage-winner Anna Sandmann finished in 18th place today.
Germany has strengthened their lead in the Nations Cup with an advantage of some 25 points to host nation Poland and the Czech Republic. Tomorrow’s cones competition will determine the podium places as the differences between the numbers two and three are extremely small as well.

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Photo: M&R Photo