10 September 2023

CAIO Baborówko 2023: victories for Exell, Arnold and Mazurek

The prestigious Baborówko Driving Show concluded today after an exciting cones competition. Boyd Exell won the Horse Fours class, Jacob Arnold was victorious in the Horse Pairs class and Piotr Mazurek won the Polish four-in-hand National Championship.

Individual podium Horse Fours
Photo: M&R Photo

Horse Fours

It was a very close call between Exell and Christoph Sandmann, who was leading after dressage and marathon. Sandmann had only 1,56 penalty points for exceeding the time allowed, but Exell stayed clear and won this show for the second consecutive time. Daniel Schneiders finished in third place.

The Nations Cup was won by Germany, followed by Australia in second place and Hungary in third position.

At the same time, Baborówko also hosted the Polish Championships, in which Piotr Mazurek was once again the best and took home the gold. Wiesław Sadowski won silver and Krzysztof Szczepaniak went home with the bronze medal.

Podium Nations Cup Horse Fours
Photo: M&R Photo

Horse Pairs

Jacob Arnold won the Horse Pairs class, followed by individual driver for Germany Lars Schwitte and German team member Carola Slater-Diener. Anna Sandmann fought her way back in the cones, which she won with a nearly clear round. Anna finished in seventh place in the combined competition.

The German team, represented by Carola Slater-Diener, Anna Sandmann and Sandro Koalick won the Nations Cup, ahead of the Czech Republic and Poland.

The best Polish driver was Weronika Kwiatek, who finished in fifth place.

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Individual podium Horse Pairs
Photo: M&R Photo