29 July 2023

CAIO Beekbergen 2023: Leaders strengthen their position in the marathon

Today there was a lot of spectators in Beekbergen to watch the marathon. There was a single shower, which made the footing a little heavier during the day. But it was nevertheless a beautiful and exciting competition.

In the VIP class, Sam Couwenbergh and Katie Whaley were close to each other, but the American was just a bit faster. Because Rodinde Rutjens did not drive the marathon, the American leads the ranking.

In the Para drivers, Francisca den Elzen was a fraction faster than Tracey Bowman, but Bowman remains in the lead in the standings. In the ranking for the Dutch championship, Francisca leads the ranking, followed by defending champion Ingmar Veneman and Jacques Poppen, with whom the difference is only 0.08 point.

Schneiders en Boom razendsnel

In the pair driving it was bad luck for the Frenchman Franck Grimonprez after his beautiful dressage score. Right into the first obstacle he drove the A gate off the back and failed to recover, getting eliminated. Also bad luck for Lars Schwitte (GER) who got stuck and needed help from third parties to break free. His compatriot Dennis Schneiders drove through the obstacles at lightning speed. He clocked the fastest time in two obstacles and won the marathon. Ewoud Boom (NED) was also unleashed. He was close behind Schneiders and was fastest in the difficult obstacle 4 and in the water obstacle. Ewoud came second and was therefore the best Dutchman. He has moved up to 6th place in the standings. Dennis Schneiders is 2nd. The ranking is led by Martin Hölle who rode a strong marathon and finished 4th. The reigning world champion has a huge lead of 13 points.

Ewoud Boom was 2nd in the marathon
Photo: Wilco van Driessen

Boyd Exell

World champion Boyd Exell showed his class in the four-in-hand class. His horses seemed to have no problem with the heavy footing. He was fastest in 3 obstacles and won the marathon. The Australian leads the standings by no less than 19 points. The team of Bram Chardon did not run smoothly, despite the fact that he was the fastest in the water obstacle. He knocked off a ball on 3 obstacles and did not get enough speed in the last obstacle. But he is second in the standings and therefore also leads the standings for the Dutch championship. Koos de Ronde started strong with the fastest time in obstacle 1, but a ball rolled 4 times in the following obstacles. Mark Weusthof drove the best Dutch marathon result with a 6th place in the strong field of participants.

The Nations cup ranking is now led by Germany. Australia is now second, followed by the Netherlands.

Martin Hölle
Photo: Wilco van Driessen

Ladies Day and harness horses

Tomorrow the final battle will be decided in the cones competition. Although the individual classification leaders have a significant lead, a lot can still happen for the following prizes.

The final day in Beekbergen is always extra festive with Ladies Day and this year a harness horse competition for the Bertus van Tergouw cup.

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