2 April 2024

CAIO Donaueschingen: Renewal of the obstacles

This year, it is time once again for an international competition in Donaueschingen, Germany. No international driving competition has been organized here since the European Four-in-Hand Championship in 2019. It was therefore high time that all obstacles were replaced.

In order to achieve this, the company Schafhof Connects GmbH, led by director Ulrike Steeb, stepped in. The organization of the competition is in the hands of Uwe Fuchs. He is an international course designer and has been involved in the driving sport for many years. Uwe Fuchs is supported by Markus Metz. He also has a lot of experience in the sport and is a national judge and course designer.

Renewal of the obstacles

Team Tirol (Gerhard and Ulrike Sparber from Austria) was commissioned to renew the obstacles in Donaueschingen and Zaunteam Obere Donau-Bodensee from Sauldorf-Krumbach was commissioned to carry out the drilling work.

On Monday, March 11, work on building the new obstacles began. First all the old planks were unscrewed and then the posts were pulled out. The new material was delivered during this work. 240 new wooden posts and approximately 1,000 meters of new planks, as well as approximately 20 tons of sand to fill the gaps. In addition, the company Wiroplast-Mauderli GmbH from Satteins in Austria supplied a complete plastic obstacle. There will also be a heavy mobile obstacle, so that ultimately 7 new obstacles will be created.

The Nations Cup (CAIO) for Horse Pairs and Pony Four-in-Hand in Donaueschingen will take place from 12 to 15 September, 2024.

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