19 April 2024

CAIO Kladruby: Dressage in full swing

The first part of the CAIO, dressage, is in full swing on the extensive grounds of the national stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem, Czech Republic. After the big three-star single class was held on Wednesday, won by Alexander Bösch from Austria, it was time for the pairs on Thursday.

The grounds of the stud farm are a feast for the eyes. The trees in full bloom and the beautiful mares and foals from the stud farm form a great backdrop for this international competition with a Nations Cup competition.

Photo: Nanda van der Burgt

No Dutch participants in the single drivers, but in the competition field dominated by ‘Eastern European’ drivers, one Dutch combination started in the three-star pair class: Leo van den Burgt. With a neat test he drove himself to a position in the middle of the field, the ‘left row’ expressed in football terms. Due to the strong wind, Leo lost his hat, but he managed to maintain concentration and greeted the jury in the classic way: with the whip across his chest.

Leo appeared to be a happy person after the test: “It is only the second dressage test for my right horse Jaguar, who previously only competed in the marathon. Last year Jaguar had to replace my third horse in dressage and that actually turned out very well. Today under 60 penalty points…. I am very happy!”

The dressage in the pair class was won by the Pole Rafal Wojtacha with a score of 52.40 penalties.

Program Friday

Today in the morning program, the two-star single and pair driving categories will first be completed, after which it will be the turn of the four-in-hand drivers. Among them are two Dutch participants: Hans Heus (start time 2:36 PM) and Koos de Ronde (5:02 PM) and three Belgians (Glenn Geerts 11:55 AM, Tom Stokmans 3:10 PM and Dries Degrieck 5:24 PM).

The competition can be followed via livestream!

Click here for the live stream
Click here for the starting order and results