5 July 2018

Chr. Van den Heuvel en Sons get Boyd Exell back on the carriage

After Boyd Exell broke his ankle last weekend during CAI Sandringham in Great Britain, carriage builders Chr. Van den Heuvel and Sons got to work customizing his carriage so that the reigning World Champion would be able to continue training his horses.

With CHIO Aachen on the calendar 17 July, and the World Equestrian Games in Tryon the end of September it was not an option to lay everything still for the time being.

Eric van den Heuvel: “For Boyds right leg we have made an orthopaedic bed that he can rest the leg on with minimal discomfort. The brakes have been adjusted that they can be worked with the left foot, and extra steps and grips have been added so that Boyd can get on and off the carriage smoothly. If the training carriage works well, we will make the same changes to the presentation and marathon carriages so that he can optimally prepare for the coming competitions.”