11 August 2021

Polish drivers perform at first CAIO for pair horses in Poland

Last weekend the first Nations Cup for Pair horses was held in Poland. There had never been a CAIO organized for pairs in this country, despite a rich history in pair driving.

In addition to the CAIO for pairs, there was also a two and three star competition for the other divisions and Ptakowice was the host of the Polish Championships for pair horses.



Bartlomiej and Weronika Kwiatek did some impressive work for their homeland. The brother and sister duo finished in an impressive first and third place. Stefan Bösch (AUT) finished in between them and his countrymen Thomas Blumschein and Markkus Leitner completed the top five.

The Nations Cup turned out to be truly a family affair. Bartlomiej and Weronika Kwiatek won gold for Poland with Austria winning silver. The American couple Scott and Kathrin Dancer formed the American team that won bronze. They were absolutely thrilled with this presentation and the fact that their daughter Nicole was their chef d’equipe made the team complete. The Dancers horses are stabled year round with Belgian four-in-hand driver Glenn Geerts, and they are currently in Europe preparing for the World Championships for Pair Horses Limburg 2021 that will begin 8 September.

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