26 August 2023

ECH&WCH Exloo: Tracy Bowman and Alexandra Röder strengthen their position

The sun is shining in Exloo today and there is a large crowd. Before the first competitor started this morning, there were already three rows for the first two obstacles. Everyone followed their favorites and the visitors had a great time on the spacious grounds where all facilities are available. The actions of the drivers could also be followed on large screens so that you did not miss anything.

Australian Jodie MCKeone was too fast for everyone
Photo: Wilco van Driessen

The Para Drivers drove six obstacles and it was immediately spectacular. Australian Jodie MCKeone was unbeatable and convincingly won the marathon in grade 1. She therefore makes a huge jump in the standings to place 3. Tracey Bowman also drove strong. At full speed she went through the obstacles. She came second in the marathon and still leads the standings.

Bad luck

The water obstacle turned out to be an obstacle where you can easily drive a course error. Unfortunately, this also happened to Jacques Poppen, who was on his way very well, but forgot to take a gate in this obstacle. Britain’s Tracey Spencer was also eliminated there. The experienced German Heiner Lehrter was also very unlucky. He turned over while driving out of the last obstacle. Fortunately, everything went well and pony, groom and driver are unharmed. Hans Arends turned over in the first obstacle and had to pull out.

Aad van Marwijk finished second in the marathon
Photo: Wilco van Driessen

Grade II

After winning in dressage, Alexandra Röder also won the marathon in grade 2. Aad van Marwijk came second in the marathon in this category. He is very happy with his result today, which also puts him second in the standings. “After a very big dip, I got over it and went here full of enthusiasm. The dressage was a bit disappointing as my horse got a bit stressed from the big screen and I had hoped for better grades. But I explored the marathon well. Dokito is my buddy so let’s go for it. The obstacles 1 and 2 went very well. The enthusiasm of the audience, great. Dokito went around the D gate of wooden obstacle number 2 so fast, it looked like a tornado. What a horse! I’ll be very happy if I can hold on to my second place tomorrow and that’s what I’m going for.” Röder has made a huge gap in the standings and goes into tomorrow’s skills test with a big lead. Aad van Marwijk and Ingmar Veneman follow in 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the standings.

Closing phase

Tomorrow is the cones as the last part of the competition. The Para Drivers start at 11.20 am. After their cones test, there is a spectacular show from the Thunderguys. Like all days, the entrance on the final day is also free.

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Ingmar Veneman staat na de marathon derde
Photo: Wilco van Driessen