27 August 2023

ECH&WCH Exloo: World titles for Tracy Bowman and Alexandra Röder

With a flawless cones driving, Tracy Bowman took the world title again with Albrechtshoeve's Lars. The discharge was huge at the American and the team silver was the icing on the cake.

Tracey Bowman won
Photo: Wilco van Driessen

Lars is special

“Incredible!” she beams. There was indeed a difference for Tracy with the previous title. “Lars has a fan club and I felt the pressure here to make them happy. Lars deserves all that love, I felt that myself and I thought I should do it all right for him too. It was so special. The previous World Championship was during the covid pandemic, so there was hardly an audience there. There is a lot of audience here and that also made it great. And then also in the Netherlands, everything in one word fantastic.”

The silver in grade 1 went to Patricia Grosserichter (GER) who also rode a great clear round. Marathon winner Jodie Mckeone knocked off 1 ball, but that was good enough for the bronze.

Silver for Ingmar Veneman
Photo: Wilco van Driessen

Finally a medal

In grade 2 Aad van Marwijk and Ingmar Veneman exchanged pennies in the standings. Aad tapped off a ball and Ingmar drove a tight clear round. That earned her the coveted silver medal. “I am really very happy!” Ingmar beams. “I was always just next to the podium, every time with a point and now silver with a point difference.” What it means to her? “I think it’s so cool. Here in Exloo on our own property. Liena is 17 and I hope she can last another 2 years, but otherwise it’s a very nice ending. It is really great with this team.”

Alexandra Röder won all three phases
Photo: Wilco van Driessen

Convinced world champion

Germany’s Alexandra Röder convincingly won the title. She was first in all three phases. Her first reaction: “Wow! Also won the skill. I’m not much of a cone driver at all. But today everything was right and I enjoyed it immensely. It’s all our weekend.” She mainly gives the credits to her beautiful harness horse mare Equistar Lucie. “I got her as a 3-year-old and gradually trained her myself. We are a very good team and it showed this weekend.” She laughs and adds: “Two girls hearts, huh?”

Alexandra Röder amazed herself with her flawless cones driving
Photo: Wilco van Driessen

No medal for The Netherlands

Due to the disappearance of the results of Jacques Poppen, only the results of Ingmar Veneman and Josien de Boer counted. The English passed the Netherlands in the ranking with 2 clear cones by Deborah Daniel and Emily Ham. The team gold went to Germany and the United States won silver.

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