15 April 2014

FEI Driving Committee Elections: Bartlomiej Kwiatek

Let's develop Driving Sport starting from the basics! Bring new people to our beloved Sport! Bartlomiej Kwiatek candidate for FEI Athletes Representative.

The Athlete Representative is one of us, one of the Driving Athletes. Good friend, successful and experienced competitor and open-minded advisor Bartlomiej Kwiatek is candidate for the FEI Driving Committee as Athletes’ representative. Bartlomiej ‘Bartek’ Kwiatek is World Vice Champion in Single Driving, 7 times winner of the FEI Top Driver Award and 9 times gold medallist of the Polish Championships.

This young charismatic competitor from eastern Europe successfully represents Europe in the Driving world. Bartek is a specialist in single driving, but pair, tandem and four in hand driving is also well known to him. Europe is the Driving heart of the World. A representative from this area can unite the Driving World.

For years, Bartek trains talented young drivers, helping them to be successful in international arenas. Pony and Single Horse Sport is growing and they represent the biggest group of competitors. New countries are entering the Driving scene. Most new driving competitors start with a single horse or pony, which offers much potential for the Driving Sport in the future.

Bartek would like to bring new people to our beloved sport! Bartek represents a strong, young single driving community. Bartek is very involved in social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, where lots of young drivers are subscribed to news about the Driving World.

If Bartek will be chosen in the FEI Driving Committee as Athletes representative, the biggest group of competitors will have their own representative for the first time in history.

Cast your vote starting April 15 at www.fei.org