14 December 2023

Exclusive art auction at London International Horse Show

The London International Horse Show started today for the drivers with the Extreme Driving class. This was won by Boyd Exell. Tomorrow is the first round of the World Cup competition, but exclusive art will also be auctioned. These are the special works of the Hungarian artist Anna Szabo and are auctioned to raise funds for the Kings Troops Foundation

Anna’s mind was originally set on exploring and documenting the beauty of dressage onto canvas with her camera. However, a series of profound twists of fate over the last two years have prompted her decision to focus on four-in-hand carriage driving. In the summer of 2022 the carriage driving world was devastated by the sudden loss of an incredibly revered Four-in-Hand driver, Sebastian Mourier, along with a severe accident of his ever supportive fellow driver and close friend, Jozsef Vida earlier this year.

Jozsef introduced Anna to this wonderful sport and through his loss of Sebastian and Anna’s loss of her brother to the same illness, she set out on a journey to find a meaning to all the sorrow and hurt everyone involved went through. Convinced that it doesn’t matter how hopeless things can get the human spirit can rise above and make it through everything, Anna has created a timeless series of fine art prints that capture the wondrous complexity of Four-in-Hand carriage driving.

Steun van bijzondere menners

Produced with the help of three remarkable atheletes Bram Chardon, Fredrik Persson and Chester Weber, Anna was quoted: “I’m incredibly touched by how generous these three lovely gentlemen and their grooms were with their time and effort to allow me to realise this project. It’s been a remarkable and most emotional journey so far. I do hope everyone in and outside the horse world will find great pleasure the art we created.”

The art will be exhibited at the VIP area at the Londen International Horse Show and auctioned out to raise funds for the Kings Troops Foundation. Bidding is open via this link.

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Photo: Swingletree Photography