14 July 2013

Family Freund dominates German pair championships

This weekend the German pair championships were held in the East German city of Schildau. The competition resulted in a sensation. Former four-in-hand World Champion Michael Freund competed with horses of his American pupil Misdee Wrigley-Miller and won the national title. Son Marco won for the second consecutive time gold in the pony pairs class.

It was an exciting weekend for both competitors and spectators in Schildau. Nearly all German top drivers were represented and provided an exciting neck-to-neck battle.
The pony pairs won by the 16-year-old Marco Freund, ahead of reigning World Champion Dieter Baackmann and Steffen Brauchle, who had swapped his four-in-hand to a pair for the occasion.

Father Michael Freund won the pairs championship and finished ahead of reigning World Champion Carola Diener and Stefan Schottmüller.

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