30 December 2015

Françoise Thiry Manager Driving in Belgium

At a press conference in Mechelen it was announced that Françoise Thiry (46) is appointed Manager Top Sport for all Driving Disciplines in 2016. Thiry will support te Belgian drivers at international level. One of her first tasks is to compose a team of professionals like trainers, veterinarians and if necessary external experts like sports psychologists.

The appointment of Françoise Thiry is a first step in the ‘Project 2020’ to professionalize the Driving sport in Belgium. Thiry is FEI level 3 Judge and FEI level 3 Technical Delegate. The spouse of scoring professional Philippe Lienart has been the chef d’equipe of the Belgian four-in-hands since the WEG 2014. Because of the conflict of interest she will no longer be available as FEI judge.
Françoise will however remain active as a driver. She will continue to compete for fun at a select number of national and international competitions with her pony pair.