29 November 2023

New international competition in Gaasterland

There is a new international competition in the Netherlands on next year's FEI calendar. Gaasterland is organizing a 2* and 3* competition for ponies single, pairs and Four-in-Hand and single- and pair horses from June 27th through the 30th.

In addition, the Dutch Championships for singles and pairs will be held at the same time. A total of 90 participants can be registered.

The 41st edition of the national combined driving show was organized in Gaasterland last year. That was also the second time that the competition was a National Championship for singles and pairs. Larissa Jansma and Erik Evers won the gold.

Planning for the future

“Last year, in addition to the participants of the National Championships, the turnout was somewhat disappointing,” the organization said. “We then all sat around the table to see how we could make our competition more inviting in the future. We have eight obstacles, a super all-weather arena of 80 x 80 m and 79 permanent stables.”

“In addition, as an organization we now have quite a bit of experience in organizing competitions. Due to its location in the very North of The Netherlands, Gaasterland is often quite a distance for national drivers. This is of course different for international drivers. They travel further from home more often. We have therefore decided to organize international competitions next year and we have once again been awarded the National Championships for singles and pairs.”

“It is of course something different, organizing an international competition. But there is support from all sides, so that is great fun. We are excited!”

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Erik Evers won the gold medal in Gaasterland 2023
Photo: Marie de Ronde-Oudemans

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