27 September 2023

Many Dutch competitors at World Championships for Young Driving Horses

It has now been seven years since the Netherlands traveled with a delegation to the World Championships for Young Driving Horses. That will change this year. From October 5th through the 8th, seven young Dutch horses will participate with their drivers at the World Championships in Lamotte-Beuvron (FRA).

“An important reason for the large number of Dutch competitors this year is because it is now in France,” says participant Saskia Siebers. Since the first time the World Cup was held in 2015, it has always taken place in Hungary. “For us, that is easily one, two or even three days of travel and that is not desirable for a young horse. We talked about it for a while and got each other excited. It is of course a great experience to let the young horses ‘sniff’ the ambiance of such an international competition.”

With the approval of Ad Aarts, the KNHS has delegated the following participants. The group of drivers must look after their own interests and have therefore asked Rudolf Pestman to be their Chef d’equipe. He has agreed to fulfill that role.

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The Dutch participants are:

Driver: Wilbrord van den Broek
Horse: Love to Dance (by Danser Gld.) (No photo available)
Age: 7 year old gelding
Breeder: Gemma Jansen

Driver: Hans Hoens
Horse: Nico T (Cizandro x Manno)
Age: 5 year old gelding
Breeder: H. Tonnaer

Driver: Hans Hoens
Horse: Nestor-rose (Maker’s mark x Fabricius)
Age: 5 year old gelding
Breeder: J. Vriend

Hans Hoens with Nestor-rose (Maker's mark x Fabricius)

Driver: Sabrina Melotti
Horse: Melotti Texel (Edmundo x Lorton)
Age: 5 year old mare
Breeder: N. Garritsen-Berkelaar

Sabrina Melotti with Melotti Texel (Edmundo x Lorton)

Driver: Wilma Meulendijk
Horse: Lion (Du mat Sou Hunter x WodkaHBC)
Age: 7 year old gelding
Breeder: M. Houtepen

Wilma Meulendijk with Lion (Du mat Sou Hunter x WodkaHBC)

Driver: Saskia Siebers
Horse: Nulleke (Jakarta x Londonderry)
Age: 5 year old gelding
Breeder: P. Kuijpers

Saskia Siebers with Nulleke (Jakarta x Londonderry)

Driver: Saskia Siebers
Horse: Noxander (Jakarta x Dreamatic)
Age: 5 year old gelding
Breeder: A. Strik

Saskia Siebers with Noxander (Jakarta x Dreamatic)

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