17 July 2023

Hugh Scott-Barrett is retiring as backstepper for Boyd Exell

Hugh Scott-Barrett has recently retired as backstepper for the successful Australian four-in-hand driver Boyd Exell. Hugh has decided to turn his focus to the support and promotion of Carriage Driving as a candidate for the position of Chairman of the FEI Driving Committee. Besides Hugh, Franz Schiltz and Joaquin Medina are also candidates for this important position.

Hugh has a rich history in driving sport. He has been a longtime supporter of British carriage driving both at grass roots level as well as at the London International Horse Show and at Royal Windsor. Founder, Chairman and committee member of DVI Driving Valkenswaard International, he has stepped into the Chef D’Equipe role when required, not to mention his support for Karen his wife who is a Single Horse Driver representing Britain.

The current chairman of the FEI Driving Committee Károly Fugli will step down in November after twelve years. During the FEI General Assembly in Mexico from 18 to 21 November, the National Federations will elect Károly Fugli’s successor from the three candidates.

Source: Facebook/Hoefnet


Photo: Krisztina Horváth