6 January 2024

Two driving competitions in Kronenberg in 2024

This year there is once again a national and an international competition on the program at Horse Driving Kronenberg. The international competition is April 18th through the 21st and the national competition is scheduled for May 24th through the 26th. To make both competitions a success, the organization is looking for volunteers.


The International competition will be held from April 18th through the 21st in collaboration with Peelbergen Equestrian Center. The stables will then be used and the indoor arenas will be used for training.

The competition is open to 2* and 3* participants with horses and ponies and to para drivers. On Thursday and Friday, dressage for singles, pairs and Four-in-Hand ponies will be held in the sand arenas. The horse teams compete in their dressage test in a 40 x 100 grass arena.

Saturday and Sunday are all about the marathon and cones. On both days we start with the marathon in the morning. During the marathon, the 3* participants drive 7 obstacles and the 2* will drive 6 obstacles on the Grandorse marathon course.

The cones on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning is in the sand arenas at the Peelbergen. Registration for the international competition will start in January, the necessary information will be published on Hoefnet as soon as possible. Click here for more information

The National competition is from May 24th through the 26th. This competition is also a regional championship.


The organization is looking for volunteers to ensure the smooth running of both great competitions. Would you like to come and help during national or international competition? Send an email to sandrasukel@kpnmail.nl.

Admission is free to both competitions.

Photo: Wil Smeets