18 December 2018

New obstacles at London Olympia

Starting on Thursday 20 December, the top international four-in-hand drivers will be battling for World Cup points in the imposing London Olympia Arena. International level 4 course designer Johan Jacobs has designed a number of new obstacles that will be premiered in London.

The mobile obstacles are freshly painted and decked out in new sponsor promos and prints. The bridge has undergone a complete restyling and is now a cross, allowing for it to be taken multiple times.

The competition begins Thursday at 13:50* with the Extreme driving test, which does not count towards the World Cup. On Friday afternoon at 13:45* the first World Cup competition will commence with the finale being driven on Saturday evening at 19:40*.

Wild card drivers Boyd Exell and Dan Naprous will be competing against Koos de Ronde from the Netherlands, the Belgians Glenn Geerts and Edouard Simonet, Frenchman Benjamin Aillaud and American Chester Weber.

*Central European Standard Time

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