23 August 2023

New international competition in Tagadi

In less than a month, the very first international driving competition will be organized at a new location in Tagadi, Estonia. The competition is open to three-star and two-star single driving and pair driving horses and ponies.

Tagadi is only twenty kilometers from the Estonian capital Tallinn. The competition starts September 14th with the veterinary inspection. “The marathon obstacles are almost ready to welcome drivers from all over the world”, says organizer Key Kunman. She added that even more can be expected from the competition next year.

“In June we organized a national competition, which served as a test competition. There were already registrations from Latvian drivers, among others.” Gabriele Panier is the course designer at the international competition. Judge Hillar Talts is happy that Estonia now has an extra competition location that has been invested in for the coming years. “If everything goes according to plan, this could become one of Scandinavia’s best locations in the future”, said Talts.

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Een van de gloednieuwe hindernissen in Tagadi