2 October 2022

Pau 2022 also open for pony singles

In a little while, entries for the two-star combined marathon in Pau will close. Drivers can enter this competition until October 7th, which will take place from October 27th - 30th.

In addition to the single horses, the organization will also allow pony singles to participate in the two-star combined marathon, which has the name ‘Crazy cup’. The program will be adapted soon

The organization promises excellent facilities and a great program. If you register with a second horse or pony, you will receive a discount on the registration fee. The stables for the horses and ponies are well organized and have the same facilities as the stables for the participants in the five-star eventing that is held there simultaneously.

The prize money is 4000 euros. 40,000 visitors are expected and the competition will be broadcasted on TV.

Click here for the website of Pau 2022

Click here for more information about the ‘Crazy cup’

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