24 January 2016

Start construction marathon obstacles Valkenswaard

The first marathon obstacles at the site of triple World Champion Boyd Exell in Valkenswaard have been constructed last weekend! The Australian top four-in-hand driver and his team will host the first edition of the international three-star event for horse pairs and horse teams from 27th April to 1st May 2016.

Level 4 Course Designer Jeroen Houterman and a team of volunteers from the Valkenswaard area started the construction. The posts were put into the ground with machinery of the Groenen Group from Veldhoven. Three out of the seven obstacles were finalized; the remaining four obstacles will be built next week, according to schedule.

The OC of Driving Valkenswaard International will expect around 70 competitors from 20 nations during the last weekend of April. For the four-in-hand drivers, Valkenswaard not only counts as a Qualifying event for the 2016/2017 indoor World Cup season, but is also a perfect event towards the World Championships, which will take place in Breda at the start of September.