13 February 2022

Successful FEI Course for Driving Officials In Kronenberg

Some 50 Course Designers, Judges, Stewards and Technical Delegates from 17 different countries participated the last few days in the official FEI Course for Driving Officials. The courses were held in the Parkhotel in Horst and on the grounds of Grandorse in Kronenberg.

Good Discussions

Under the leadership of Course Directors Jeroen Houterman, Andrew Counsell, Martin Röske and Philip Bateman, the participants were made familiar with the new FEI rules. After that, each group concentrated on their specific specialty. Many good discussions arose in a pleasant atmosphere.

The Course Designers traveled to Grandorse on Friday for the practical part, where they also built a cones course. On Saturday afternoon the Judges, Stewards, and Technical Delegates were present on the grounds of the World Championship location in Kronenberg. The stewards concentrated on the different carriages, while the TD’s concentrated on measuring the cones course and inspected the marathon obstacles.

Photo: Krisztina Horváth

Emphasis on dressage

The emphasis of the judges was naturally dressage. Kelly Houtappelse-Bruder rode her dressage horse Hanno under saddle for the judges. Marije Willemsen drove the two-star test with her single pony, followed by Erik Evers who drove the new three-star test with his beautiful pair of chestnuts. Saskia Siebers drove the three-star test with her horse Axel, and Marijke Hammink finished off the afternoon with the new three-star four-in-hand test. The judges were very thankful to these top drivers for their pleasant and professional help, which facilitated very useful discussions among the judges about the dressage tests.

After almost two years of very little international driving competition, it was an enjoyable experience for all participants.

The social and networking aspect of the weekend was a key point, where new friends are made and working relationships were forged.

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Photo: Krisztina Horváth

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