8 August 2014

The Netherlands announces team for 2014 World Singles Championships

Ermelo (KNHS) –  With the completion of the last observation competition during the National Championships in Beesd this past weekend, team coach Ad Aarts has announced the drivers that will be representing the Netherlands at the World Single Horse Championships in Izsák, Hungary September 26-28.

The newly named Dutch Champion Wilbrord van den Broek with Oscar, Jan Moonen with Sterre and Frank van der Doelen with Roos will form the dutch team.  Saskia van Heesch with Unique K is first reserve.

Ad Aarts had chosen specialists in dressage, marathon and cones: "During the first observation show in Dillenburg and the second in Beesd, it was very obvious that the field of single drivers in the Netherlands is extremely strong.  I believe that the team I have chosen will have a very good chance in achieving a place on the podium."

For Van den Broek, Moonen and Van der Doelen is Izsák their second World Championship.  Frank van der Doelen was part of the 2012 bronze medal team and was 8th in the individual standings.  In 2010 Jan Moonen won the individual bronze medal.  And Wilbrord van den Broek will defend his individual and team bronze medals in Iszák, which was the host of the 2013 European four-in-hand Championships

The dutch team is supported by team vet Schelto Jonker, team manager Adrianne van Waardenberg-Nooren and team coach Ad Aarts