5 November 2018

Thibault Danthine steps down from the Belgian Driving Commission

The Belgian driving commission will have to move forward without their youngest member Thibault Danthine. Danthine made the decision to step down after a period of deliberation.

Thibault Danthine

Thibault Danthine is a passionate supporter of combined driving and took the place of Philippe Lienart on the driving commission four years ago: “I am not a judge, owner, or organizer, but I have a huge love of the sport and I really want the sport in Belgium to progress,” says Thibault. “I have lots of ideas for the future, but over the past four years there has just been too little progression in my opinion. It is really a shame, but I don’t share the same vision as the rest of the driving commission and have therefore decided to resign from my position.”

The national driving commission is chaired by Jan Devaere and vice-chair is Felix-Marie Brasseur.