8 July 2023

Transfer-up Programme for FEI Driving Level 1 Stewards available

A Transfer-up Programme with an online course is now available for National Driving Stewards to become FEI Driving Level 1 Stewards.

Under the responsibility of, and in close cooperation with, an event organizer, the Stewards are the officials who supervise, assist and intervene when necessary.

Stewards have sufficient knowledge of the English language as all FEI courses are taught in English. They can express themselves well in English in communication with participants and officials. Stewards are fair and respectful towards participants and other officials, are proactive and are binding towards participants, judges and the competition organization. Stewards perform their duties as part of a team led by a Chief Steward.

If you are interested in becoming an FEI Driving Level 1 Stewards, please contact driving@fei.org.