6 May 2024

Second place for Anniek Schuiling in Morkov-Raevebjerg

Last week the international competition was organized in Morkov-Raevebjerg, Denmark. Anniek Schuiling was the only Dutchman there and took second place.

It was the first competition of the season for Anniek Schuiling and Denenbourgh’s Doortje. “We planned to start at the national competition in Heukelom, but because that was canceled due to the wet terrain, the international competition of Morkov-Raevebjerg in Denmark was our first competition of the season,” Anniek tells Hoefnet.

Good practice

“It’s really a great competition. The organization is great and does everything to ensure that everyone has a good time. The environment was great and the obstacles were nice and large. Because the dressage arena was so beautifully decorated, we did have some tension errors in the dressage test. But that’s not surprising, and especially not for the first competition of the season.”

“The marathon was great, there were many options and there was a bit of everything in it. There were short turns, long lines and everything was on a slope. Something we are of course not used to in the Netherlands, but which is a very good practice. There was a warm-up instead of an A phase and phase B was very false flat.”

No one double clear

The cones on Sunday was difficult. “We actually had really good weather all week. But before the cones it had rained, making the surface quite slippery.” As a result, the carriages shifted, meaning that no one managed to remain double clear. The best score was that of Anne Racking (SWE). She received 2.95 penalty points for exceeding time.

“My pony was already a bit tense, and because of the slipperiness I had my hands full,” says Anniek. Yet she managed to hold on to her second place after the dressage and the marathon. A great result!

CAI Gaasterland and Dutch Championship

“I am very happy with it. It was a great week with very nice people and a very nice competition organization. Despite the long journey, it was well worth it!” After this, Anniek has the international competition in Gaasterland planned and the Dutch Pony Championships in Wierden.

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Anniek Schuiling in Morkov-Raevebjerg
Photo: Bine Sierla

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