24 January 2019

World Pony Driving Championships Kisbér-Ászár is looking for experienced volunteers

Are you a fan of (pony) combined driving and would like to experience the World Championships for single, pair and four-in-hand ponies in Kisbér-Ászár, Hungary 25-29 September first hand? You can! The organization is looking for enthusiastic and experienced volunteers for various jobs over the course of the show.

Scribes & Computer operators during the dressage
Assisting each member of the jury (5) will be one person to physically write down the points and one to input them in the computer for live scoring.

(Head) obstacle judges & computer operators during the marathon
For every obstacle (8) the organization is looking for experienced (head) obstacle judges and one person per obstacle to operate the computer for live scoring.

There are also people needed for the functions of starter/finisher in the marathon and experienced volunteers for the cones as well.

In exchange for your help, the organization is offering a free camping spot for the week of the competition on the fan camping (which is located on the show grounds), free entry, and lunch and dinner on the days that you volunteer.

Scribes and starters/finishers must be able to speak fluent English and for the other functions a basic understanding of English or German is sufficient.

The current program is:

Sunday 22 September: Competitors arrive
Monday 23 September: Competitors arrive
Tuesday 24 September: Horse inspection
Wednesday 25 September: Dressage
Thursday 26 September: Dressage
Friday 27 September: Dressage
Saturday 28 September: Marathon
Sunday 29 September: Cones

Are you interested in helping with the preparations leading up to the competition? Your help very welcome! For more information or to sign up please contact Cindy Timmer (Show Secretary) or Vilmos Jámbor (Organizer).