12 November 2021

Zilco products make fantastic Christmas presents!

Christmas is coming closer and that means that Santa Claus is gearing up his sleigh. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the driving enthusiast in your life, Zilco has developed a number of products special for the winter season.

Driving aprons

New for this winter they are introducing two classically-styled driving aprons made from wool and fleece.

The wool apron is a luxurious and cosy 425g weight and ideal for everyday driving in the winter; yet smart enough for the more traditional occasions as well. (Available in Black and Navy Blue. Size: 100cm)

Price: €29.95

The fleece apron is offers a snug, cosy fit, ensuring complete wrap-around warmth and protecting you from the cold and rain, while remaining lightweight and breathable. (Available in Burgundy, Navy Blue and Dark Green. Size: 100cm)

Price: €17.95

Both models feature a touch tape patch that enables the hem to be hooked up and out of the way for drivers/passengers when mounting the carriage.

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Aprons Zilco

Quarter Sheets

Used in cold weather to keep the back and loins warm quarter sheets prevent rapid muscle cooling, which can lead to chills and cramping. Made from tough 600 Denier polypropylene material that is both waterproof and breathable, they are lined with polar fleece for improved warmth and strong plastic clips for quick and easy fitting. Rump darts and a billet cord offer a superior fit that won’t shift while trotting or cantering.

A stylish reflective red trim is an addition to help you and your horse to stay safe and warm this winter!

Size: small, medium, large and extra large

For more formal occasions, a plain black model is also available in size L only.

Price: €55.95

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Zilco Quarter Sheets

Wool Liners

The luxurious pads have quilted cotton tops with touch tape closure and are lined with genuine Australian sheep’s wool knitted onto a polyester backing, which enables machine washing without shrinkage.

Zilco wool liners are perfect for use with traditional leather and modern day synthetic harness, with the wool absorbing sweat, making the task of cleaning harness after exercise much easier by simply putting the liner in the wash!

Wool is renowned for its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties meaning the liners are suitable for even the most sensitive skinned horses. Using a wool liner can help prevent an increased build-up of heat as the fibres help to ensure airflow as well as aiding with the even distribution of pressure and shock absorption.

Wool liners are also ideal for preventing rubbing and pinching which can sometimes occur when wearing harness for long periods of time.

Girth Liners

Fit Classic, Brun, SL Plus, ZGB and Elite. Available in the following sizes: Pony (Classic only), Cob and Full (Classic, ZBG and Elite) and Extra Full (ZGB, Elite only).

Price: €52.95

Breastplate Liners

Made to suit Zilco Empathy, ZGB, Elite, Classic, Brun, SL Plus, Wbz and Tedex Breastplates.
Available in Pony, Cob and Full, size from 92cm to 140cm.

Price: €69.90

Saddle Liners

ZGB/Elite – In Cob, Full and Extra Full. Made to suit Zilco ZGB/Elite saddles.

SL Deluxe – In Mini and Shetland. Made to suit Zilco SL Deluxe saddles. (Please note that the Shetland liner will fit Small Pony saddle).

Classic – In Pony, Cob, Full and Full. Made to suit Zilco Classic, Brun and SL Plus saddles.

Price: €64.95

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Zilco Wool Liners

Hanoverian Bridle & Reins

Add a touch of colour to your horse this Christmas with this fantastic Zilco bridle-reins combo. Both available in a wide range of classic but bold colours – black, purple, red, white, royal blue and pink. You can create the perfect matchy-matchy effect or simply mix the colours to brighten up your horse.

Made from Zilco’s PVC coated webbing, both bridle and reins are extremely easy to clean and maintain (no soaping required!), they offer great strength and beautiful looks. A great gift idea for the pleasure rider.

The bridle comes in three different sizes: Pony, Cob and Full.

The hand section of the reins features “Supergrip”, a woven polyester with rubberised thread to give great grip in all weather conditions.

Price bridle: 69.90

Price reins: €30.90

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Zilco Hanoverian Bridle & Reins