12 december 2008

Geneva: Dobrovitz wins without atmosphere

The very strong performing Jozsef Dobrovitz was the only competitor this evening who was able to make the spectators in the Palexpo in Geneva enthusiastic. The exciting music which normally makes the crowd get into the atmosphere and which helps the drivers to perform even better, was replaced by ‘own sound’. The six four-in-hand drivers all had a microphone so the spectators could clearly follow their instructions in the extremely quiet arena. Not quite what you expect from a World Cup driving event. The lack of a good speaker contributed also to a very atmosphere less competition.

Dobrovitz drove an effortless round and went without hesitation through the water splash in the course. Boyd Exell drove a well thought through clear round and came second. World Cup title defender Christoph Sandmann knocked a ball down but could have easily come second if he had not missed the finish. This mistake dropped him to the fourth place, behind Werner Ulrich. Wild card driver Thibault Coudry missed a gate in one of the marathon obstacles but stayed clear. Daniel Würgler knocked four balls downs and will be first to go in the World Cup competition on Sunday.

Uitslag warming up wedstrijd Genève:
1. Jozsef Dobrovitz (Hun) 126.04 (0)
2. Boyd Exell (Aus) 128.85 (0)
3. Werner Ulrich (Sui) 153.56 (5)
4. Christoph Sandmann (Ger) 155.50 (5)
5. Thibault Coudry (Fra) wild card 157.28 (0)
6. Daniel Würgler (Sui) 167.22 (20)