19 januari 2010

Gerard Leijten stays at Blakheide Stables

Although Blakheide Stables is sold per 19th January 2010, this does not affect international pair driver Gerard Leijten from the Netherlands. Leijten was co-owner of the beautiful equestrian accommodation in Beerse, Belgium, for the last five years and will continue his training activities on this location after the sale.

“Nothing changes for my customers. The horses I train can stay at this wonderful location where I can use all facilities. I can continue teaching my customers at the Blakheide site,” explains Leijten. “There is one change though, the composition of my team. I am lucky to have professional people around me, which allows me to continue my activities as driving trainer. Because of personal circumstances we were forced to sell Blakheide and there was a period of uncertainty. Several people have offered me their accommodation to continue my work. This was fantastic, but now that it is clear that I can stay at Blakheide, I prefer this situation. Everything I need to train horses is present here.”

More information: www.gerardleijten.be