13 juni 2013

Largest collection Driving bits at ‘t Peerdewinkeltje

´t Peerdewinkeltje in Veenendaal has the largest collection of driving bits! New is the double broken max control Liverpool bit. The bit functions softly under light control, but when the pressure increases, the bit fixes in the centrepiece and works as a bar. Available in 12,5 to 14,5 cm. Price € 95,00.

The Duo-liverpool bit is a synthetic bit, very suitable for horses or ponies who have difficulty accepting the bit. It bends lightly at increased pressure on the reins.
We also have bits in pony sizes from 8 cm to draft horse sizes 18 cm. Custom made is also possible. For information on driving bits, please contact ´t Peerdewinkeltje at +31 318-522840 or letty@letty.nl