23 januari 2009

Leipzig: cause of death Rambo

At the show in Leipzig last weekend, one horse from the four-in-hand driver Christoph Sandmann suddenly died on the way to the stable. Now the result of the post-mortem examination states that the gelding died due to a heart failure.


It was the tragic moment of the “Partner Pferd” show in Leipzig. After the opening round of the four-in-hand drivers, the 15-year old gelding from Christoph Sandmann collapsed on the way to the stable and died immediately. First it was guessed that a sudden rupture of the aorta could be the reason for the death, but this was not confirmed. The post-mortem examination at the University of Leipzig now came to the conclusion that the gelding died due to an acute heart failure. The experts assume (as it is published in a press statement of show organizer Volker Wulff) that the heart failure could be due to a myopathie (a degeneration of the muscular system), which might be caused by a sudden metabolic disorder.