17 januari 2009

Leipzig: Dutch drivers dominate Leipzig

What was reckoned impossible by the insiders happened anyway: Koos de Ronde drove an exciting fast round with his alternate team and won the warm up competition of the FEI World Cup Driving in Leipzig. The Mechelen-winner stayed ahead of his compatriot IJsbrand Chardon, who was eight seconds slower.

After his leader horse Gerrit did not pass the vet check, De Ronde had to use a third piebald horse of his father’s team Piet. De Ronde showed his horsemanship and drove the team without hesitation to victory. The enthusiastic spectators who were still present in the Leipziger Messe despite the late night hour cheered him.
Chardon still had his disappointing performance of Mechelen in the back of his mind and drove carefully during the first part of the course, but put his speed up in the second half and took over the lead from Fredrik Persson. After Tomas Eriksson lost his chances to a high placing after he knocked two balls down, De Ronde finished first using his advantage of being the last starter.
All competitors drove very well and determined in the course, designed by Germany’s Wolfgang Asendorf, which resulted in beautiful sport and high expectations for the World Cup competition on Sunday.

Result warm up:
1. Koos de Ronde (Ned) 112,58 (0)
2. IJsbrand Chardon (Ned) 120,06 (0)
3. Fredrik Persson (Swe) 124,76 (0)
4. Daniel Würgler (Sui) 126,78 (5)
5. Tomas Eriksson (Swe) 127,48 (10)
6. Christoph Sandmann (Ger) 139,78 (15)
7. Steffen Scholz (Ger) 154,17 (10)