6 april 2009

New top horse for Chester Weber

Silver medallist in Beesd 2008 Chester Weber has bought a top horse from Dutch four-in-hand driver Hans Heus. The 14 year old French Trotter Horus du Bois (v. Quito De Talonay) has moved from Heus’ stables in the Netherlands to the warm climate in Florida where Weber lives.

Horus was acquired by Weber to try to create more depth in the string for the lead in the marathon and cones, and he has done just that. Hans Heus used him to lead his way onto the squad for the World Championships in Beesd this past summer. Heus often used him in all three phases in the lead which has brought Horus the experience and drivability that team Weber was searching for. Originally identified as a star for team Weber by friend and colleague Koos de Ronde, team Weber is hopeful that the addition of this clever leader will compliment the already dominant dressage team through adding more high-end speed and drivability to both the marathon and cones team. Who knows with his nice top line and expressive trot with a little knee movement team Weber might also be able to develop him in to a dressage star like the others in the string? Horus is a very kind and willing horse that not only exhibits the speed to lead the way on marathon day he also has a kind eye that makes him a favorite of those in the stable.