16 juni 2015

Preparations for the first FEI Balkan Championships well under way

The final preparations are under way at Ergela Kelebija, near Subotica in Serbia, for the first FEI Balkan Championships for Horse Pairs. With only six Athletes attending from Croatia, Romania and Serbia this will still be an excellent event. The obstacles are all complete with the last coat of paint being applied, before Gábor Fintha, the renowned Hungarian Course Designer arrives today. 

The Main Arena is all ready for the Opening Ceremony, just before the Driven Dressage on Friday. The Officials will start arriving on Wednesday, as will the Horses and Athletes. The owner of the Stud and the Hotel “Villa Majur” where everybody is staying, Milenko Aleksic, is extremely happy with the way things are going and is sure that this will be the start of the Driving Sport in Serbia for the future. The Athletes have FEI Medals to win and what a great start this will be for the lucky winners.