24 september 2016

Schildau: Marathon Day

The marathon day started again under a lovely sunshine and these ideal conditions for the horses, competitors and spectators lasted the whole day. Many, many visitors had found the way to the Arena in Schildau. The organizers had a slight stomachache because traditionally the marathon day in Schildau is on Sunday. But the doubts vanished quickly during the morning at the sight of the full parking places.

Course Designer Josef Middendorf had designed a tough and EC-worthy marathon, but anytime driveable, with many alternatives. It all came together. There were no accidents where people or animals were injured. The youngsters all performed at a very high level. At the top of especially the Juniors and Young Drivers there was no difference between the ‘normal’ senior Championships. There is a nice new driving generation coming up in both the top and in width. Also stylistically one saw mostly great rounds.

Foto: Dr. Jürgen Schwarzl

The final chord made by the Young Drivers in the Single Horse class was fascinating. Marcella Meinecke drove her nice grey horse masterly through the obstacles. The granddaughter of German former World Champion Eckert Meinecke showed true driving art. At only 0,07 points difference she is followed by dressage winner Anika Geiger, who sits fully unconcerned in the box seat. Her outstanding eye and nice hand contributed to her leading position in the standings.
Tomorrow promises to be a very exciting day. Every ball will count. The decision is not taken in none of the three groups and the Swedish drivers have managed to put the pressure on the Germans thanks to their very strong performances in the marathon today.

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Foto: Dr. Jürgen Schwarzl

Foto: Dr. Jürgen Schwarzl