20 november 2000

The German Team wins at El Capricho

El Capricho (Arg), 20 November 2000
The German Team obtained a clear victory in the Samsung Nations Cup held at the Haras El Capricho, in Capilla del Señor -80 km from Buenos Aires / Argentina- on November 17th.

The Samsung Nations Cup took place among the CSIO-W organized in that equestrian center and is the first time that the Nations Cup is performed in El Capricho, well known for its breeding and training in the South American country.

Six teams were representing Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Chile and Argentina (with two teams). The German team, which had won the Final Series 1999/2000 in October in Rome, did a great performance, in the first round they had only one fault.

In the first round, only five riders were able to go clear and only two repeated the clear round in the second round. The riders that repeated the performance were Thomas Schepers (GER) and “Capital” and Lucas Werthein -a 19 years old argentine rider- and “Vlamink Trefle”.

The Final results:
1 Germany – 8 faults: Gilbert Bockmann/Rolanda (0+4); Klaus Reinacher/ Dayak (11+18); Thomas Schepers/Capital (0+0); Heinrich Engemann/Iris (4+0).

2 Argentina “A” – 16 faults: Hugo Dircie/9 de Oro Principito (8+8); Matías Albarracín/Tamanco Susurrando (4+4); Lucas Werthein/Vlaminck Trefle (0+0); Martín Dopazo/El Capricho Calwaro (4+4).

3 Argentina “B” – 16 faults: Oscar Fuentes/Tamanco Bengal (8+0); Juan Ignacio Rojo/Zucarello I (8+0); Martín Mallo/Calindo (4+8); Federico Castain/Gullit Shagal (0+4).

4 Chile – 20 faults: Matías Fernández/Siracusa Coreograph (4+8); Joaquín Larraín/Audi Main Leap (8+0); Barnardo Naveillan/Rexola Freire (4+8); Carlos Milthaler/A.S.Shylock (0+4).

5 Brazil – 28 faults: Vitor Alves Teixeira/La Petite Lara (4+0); Rodrigo Sarmento/Markies (8+8); Pedro Paulo Lacerda/Fanton SJ (8+0).

6 Belgium – 34 faults: Stefan Corten/Falk B (8+9); James Peeters/Nandor Fortuna (8+5); François Mathy/LV No Problem (4+0).

Course designer: Frank Rothenberger

Samsung Nations Cup Standings after Buenos Aires:
1. ITA, 14p
2. GER, 12p
3. BEL, 10p
4. SUI, 9p
5. USA, 8p
6. ARG, 5