13 juni 2013

Topolcianky: work in progress on the grass area and marathon obstacles

The Organizing committee has begun with the adjustments of grass area on the racing track, which will be used as the main arena of World Driving Championship for Pairs in Topolcianky, Slovakia, from 28 August to 1 September. The works have also begun to build and change the marathon obstacles.

The current condition of the lawn on the racetrack was not of the required quality and the OC decided to replace the already existing lawns within the whole area of the racetrack. The implementation of works was divided into more phases. The developing and the beginning of the work were realized in 2012.

The marathon obstacles are also being adjusted with the cooperation of experts, amongst which World Championship course designer Gábor Fintha (HUN). It was decided that for the World Pair Championships, all marathon obstacles must be changed and new obstacles must be built so nothing is the same compared to the marathon obstacles used in the previous years.
In some obstacles, new materials have replaced used materials like wood and in other obstacles new components have been installed.

More information: www.chmtopolcianky2013.sk