4 november 2008

Van der Wiel Harness and Riant Equestrian Centre present Driving Forum

From Friday 14 to Sunday 16 November, Van der Wiel Harness in Hamont Achel (Belgium) and Van den Heuvel Carriages in Valkenswaard (the Netherlands) organize their traditional ‘Open Houses’. On Saturday 15 November and Sunday 16 November, Van der Wiel Harness and Riant Equestrian Centre organize the unique Driving Forum themed  ‘Where do I have to pay attention to when I buy a carriage driving horse?’

Former World Pair Driving Champion Mieke van Tergouw of Riant Equestrian Centre in Beekbergen (the Netherlands) took the initiative to organize this forum which goal is to have an open discussion about the purchase of carriage driving horses. What are the pros and cons and where do you have to pay attention to when you go look at a horse. Van Tergouw and her assistant Claudio Fumagalli will present seven new driving horses which are for sale, in single and pair turnout and tell the story behind each horse.
Furthermore, Mieke will give the spectators a look behind the scenes. Mieke and Claudio will exceptionally present two recently purchased approved stallions they plan to compete with next season.
On Saturday 15 November, the forum panel exists of double World Four-in-Hand Driving Champion Felix Brasseur and well-known KWPN-breeder Henk Hammers from the HBC Stables.
Brasseur will treat the spectators to a demonstration with a beautiful team of Spanish horses, owned by his new sponsor. These horses are also for sale in order to let the popularity of this exquisite horse grow beyond the Spanish borders. On Sunday 16 November, no other than four times World Four-in-Hand Driving Champion IJsbrand Chardon will take place in the forum panel. Chardon is always looking  for horses and will share his experiences with the spectators.

The driving forum will be held on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 November from 11.00 to ca. 14.00 hrs and the admission is free. The location is close to the Van der Wiel Harness home and will be indicated on site.

Henk van der Wiel of Van der Wiel Harness will present various novelties during his ‘Open House’ days, such as a new marathon bridle with a perfect solution to adjust the blinkers and he will also introduce a new type of marathon harness. Enough reason to pay a visit to Van der Wiel!

The horses of Riant Equestrian Centre are stabled by Van der Wiel Harness from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 November.