23 augustus 2009

WC Kecskemet: Hoefnet and Hippoevent honoured in Kecskemét!

During the prize giving ceremony at the city square in Kecskemét on Saturday evening, we, the ladies of Hoefnet.nl en Hippoevent.at, were honoured by
the organising committee of the World Pair Driving Championship in Kecskemét.

Me, Cindy Timmer of Hoefnet and my Austrian colleague Jacqueline Zimmermann of Hippoevent, were called on the big stage where we were cheered by over 1000 spectators.
We received a very nice vase and flowers from the President of the Organising Committee Jozsef Mondok and Alex Goller, team manager of the Lázár brothers to thank us for promoting the driving sport world wide through our websites.
The OC had even made us media partner of the World Championship and our logos are printed on every PR outing!

From left to right: Cindy Timmer, Jozsef Mondok, Klaus Tebbe (3rd in marathon), Alex Goller, Jacqueline Zimmermann, Zoltan Lázár

Hoefnet and Hippoevent work together very often and are present in Kecskemét to provide our visitors with the latest news and photos. Hoefnet is mainly for the Dutch and English speaking countries, while the German speaking nations are served on Hippoevent.

On behalf of both of us, thank you for this kind appreciation, this makes our sometimes difficult and hard work worthwhile!

Hoefnet is made possible thanks to Van der Wiel Harness, Van den Heuvel Carriages and Riant Stables. Other partners of Hoefnet are Philippe Lienart Scoring for the super fast and accurate results and decraen.com for the brilliant photos!