20 augustus 2009

WC Kecskemet: Provisional lead for Sebastian Warneck

Sebastian Warneck from Germany is in the lead of the dressage competition at the World Pair Driving Championship in Kecskemet, Hungary. Warneck put down a score of 41,98 penalty points and is in first position after the first dressage day.

Thirty-five competitors entered the big football stadium in Kecskemét, which is the stage of the dressage and cones competition for the World Championship. Silver medalist Warneck, who won the dressage at the 2007 World Championship in Warka, drove a very nice test with his pair of Dutch warm blood geldings and beat the score of the leader at that moment, Hungarian team member and 2004 World four-in-hand Champion Zoltan Lázár.
Dutch team member Ben Gosschalk came third, ahead of Keady Cadwell from the USA and Switzerland’s team member Brigitte Spörri driving her pair of Friesian horses.

Follow the dressage live thanks to Philippe Lienart at: http://www.hoefnet.nl/uitslagen/2009/HUN/KECSKEMET.20090820.20090823/DRESSAGE.htm